I’m not referring to the current health pandemic that has halted all social gatherings and life as we know it.  I’m referring to Rhyolite, a real ghost town located in Nevada just outside Death Valley National Park.  My daughter and I made it there just days before the park closed its visitor center, campgrounds, public bathrooms and lodging!  Phew!

Sit back and enjoy the scenery from your germ-free little corner of the world.

Rhyolite ghost town residence

Rhyolite school

Rhyolite abandonment closeup

Tom Kelly’s Bottle House, rehabilitated in 2015, was certainly a ghost house that stole my heart.  I just love the miniature mosaic residences lining the side yard.  Inspiration!

Tom Kelly's Bottle House

Rhyolite mosaic miniature houses

Rhyolite mosaic shack

Rhyolite mosaic chapel

It looks like these old residents choose to “stick” around….

Rhyolite skeleton jam session

… as does this one.Rhyolite lizard

Well, I hope you enjoyed these views of the Rhyolite ghost town.  I’ve got more to share from Death Valley National Park as well as two fabulous botanical gardens in Pasadena, California.

Stay tuned…..

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