© Linda Nelson 2013

Living along the shores of Eastern Long Island, New York, I can’t help but be inspired by its rustic seaside influence.  If you happen to live by the shore, grab a tote bag and start walking.  Gather what captures your attention, be it pebbles, driftwood, shells, etc…  Place your findings in a bowl, dish or tray, and choose a spot to display your collection.  I will share simple ways to intermix the beach with a home garden in a future post.  Stay tuned…


© Linda Nelson 2013

Welcome, and come on in.  What goes on at the createaerie?  Well, quite a bit.  It’s my design and make it motivator, and my name for a lifestyle that fuels me each and every day.  At this time of the year I have one foot in the door finishing winter projects, and one foot outside springing into garden action.

Life is a garden…
feed it,
tend it,
nurture it,
and most of all…
…enjoy the stroll.
                          Linda Nelson
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