‘Tis the season for enjoying the sweet, fragrant deliciousness of pomelo fruit.  If you’re not familiar with this southeast Asia native citrus fruit, a pomelo is the ancestor to a grapefruit.  Unlike other citrus fruits, however, you don’t eat the individual wedges.  Just the pulp is eaten.

Don’t let the fact that they’re related to grapefruits scare you.  They are sweet and fun to eat!  A bit pricey, but so worth it.

I participated in a few holiday craft fairs last month, a much welcomed treat, as all such events were cancelled the previous year due to Covid.  My scrap fabric trees were popular sellers, as were the ornaments.

Early December seemed to fly right by, seemingly leaving me little time to do elaborate Christmas decorating, but I managed to make things festive enough for spirited pleasure.

And, garland is my ribbon of choice for gift wrapping this season.  It’s just so sparkly and pretty.

It’s just a few days away before the baking begins.  Oh, those delicious smells that will permeate my home!

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